Monday, September 3, 2007

Pullen to Mayor Gordon: Outrageous! Subsidizing the Playboy Club in Phoenix is bad news

Arizona Republican Party Chairman Randy Pullen today expressed his disappointment in Mayor Phil Gordon for his support of a subsidy to the Playboy Club to build a Vegas-style tower in downtown Phoenix. Gordon is supporting a measure that would provide a $1.5 million package worth of tax breaks to the Playboy Club in order to attract more entertainment to Phoenix. Gordon is spearheading the campaign with the slogan, "What happens in Phoenix, is better than what happens in Vegas."

Pullen’s comments come in response to the recent report that bringing the Playboy Club back to Phoenix is supported by nearly 98% of all registered Arizona Democrats. Pullen believes that the result will be widespread HIV and a decline in morals.

Pullen derided Gordon stating, “First it was taxpayer funded subsidies to ASU, the biggest public university in the country, to build a medical school downtown and pay for biotech research, something that would be better done in the private sector. Then it was taxpayer funded subsidies to rich out-of-state developers to build upscale malls for the wealthy, which they would have built anyway without the subsidies. Now he's asking the residents of Phoenix to fund adult entertainment? What will be next, funding communism? We live in America, it's time for us to start acting like it. With Congress’ approval rating in the tank, how can we trust the Democrats to get the job done?”

Pullen continued, “How many times are we going to let these million dollar subsidies continue? Those that have the trust and honor to serve in office have the responsibility of seeing that the government stays out of subsidizing greedy developers and adult entertainment. Gordon seems to have forgotten that he works for all of us, not just his single male friends and their own special evenings out on the town.

“Maybe we should do something about it.” concluded Pullen.

Thanks to the Arizona Report for providing this template, since we were out of town in Vegas all weekend and didn't have time to post the usual slams on Horizon or copy and paste press releases.

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