Saturday, July 19, 2014

Polls show Andrew Thomas is a leading candidate for governor

Polls show Andrew Thomas to be a leading candidate for Governor.  No other candidate can match his strong grassroots support.  His message of being the only candidate who will stop illegal immigration, and who has a record to prove it, sets him apart and well on the road to victory in 2014.

Never the favorite of the political establishment, Andrew answers to the people, not the political insider class.  He has surprised the pundits again and again.  He won very tough races, not once but twice, to serve as Maricopa County Attorney.  There, for five and a half years, he ran the fourth largest prosecutor’s office in America.  In 2010, despite being outspent three to one and attacked relentlessly by the open-border political establishment, Andrew lost the race for Attorney General of Arizona by only one-tenth of one percent of the vote.

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