Sunday, July 20, 2014

Maricopa GOP straw poll: 40% for Andrew Thomas for Governor, 17.5% for next closest opponent

In the most meaningful straw poll to date of Republicans in Arizona, Andrew Thomas won by a wide margin over his six opponents in the race for Governor.

The unannounced straw poll was held at the regular monthly meeting of the Maricopa County Republican Party leadership on June 5.  Below are the results:

Andrew Thomas:      40 % (16 votes)

Ken Bennett:           17.5 % (7 votes)

Frank Riggs:            17.5 % (7 votes)

Doug Ducey:            12.5 % (5 votes)

Christine Jones:        5 % (2 votes)

Scott Smith:             0 % (0 votes)

Al Melvin:                 0 % (0 votes)

Andrew Thomas said, “I am honored to won this straw poll and by such a margin.”  He added, “These are real votes, done by secret ballot, by Republican leaders—some of the most engaged and informed voters in the state.  They will have, in me, a conservative warrior as Governor.”

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