Sunday, July 20, 2014

Andrew Thomas for Governor offers solutions for Arizona's economy

A growing and vibrant Arizona economy flows from making Arizona a uniquely attractive place to live, work, invest and retire.  Our natural beauty and entrepreneurial spirit will remain attractive only as long as Arizonans defend these natural assets from those that would harm them.  That means:

·        Ensuring tough policies to reduce crime and ensure the safety of our neighborhoods, communities and businesses.  Low crime rates are a must so Arizona can continue to attract new business.

·        Securing our border.  Individuals or businesses will think twice before relocating to a state harassed by violence flowing from its southern, foreign neighbor.

·        Keeping taxes and regulations low compared to those of other states.  This competitive advantage for Arizona must be maintained and expanded when possible.

·        Offering creative new ideas to attract jobs to Arizona.

·        Ending the fiscal games played to balance the state budget.  No more leasing the state Capitol building to pay for annual state expenses.

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