Saturday, July 12, 2014

Lisa Aubuchon breaks her silence about the Bar going after Andrew Thomas and her law licenses

We are grateful to Layne Lawless for this interview with Lisa Aubuchon, who was wrongly disbarred along with Andrew Thomas. She explains how it all started when Thomas called out some judges on not enforcing newly passed illegal immigration laws. If you're more of a reader, check out Thomas's story of what happened here. Last week, a respected attorney filed a lawsuit against Maricopa County on behalf of Lisa and I. This judge also suspended my license to practice law for six months. It has now been over a year and my license has not been reinstated, because the county will not pay the $101k cost of prosecuting me, even though they paid the full costs of prosecuting my supervisor! If you want someone who will take on this massive corruption, vote for Andrew Thomas for governor. He is the only candidate in the race who will dare take on this massive, leftist corrupt bureaucracy.

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