Sunday, July 20, 2014

Crossover appeal for Andrew Thomas for Governor from Independents, Libertarians and Democrats

The same is true for the general election against the Democrats.  An independent poll done in April of this year by Public Policy Polling showed that all Republican candidates were within the margin of error against the Democratic candidate for Governor.  One candidate who has spent approximately $1 million in advertising, and who, unlike Andrew Thomas, has not been attacked for leading the fight in the immigration wars, was only one point closer to the Democrat than Andrew Thomas.

While the vast majority of those contributing to his campaign are Republicans, a large percentage of Andrew Thomas' campaign contributions came from registered Independents, Democrats or Libertarians.  This shows substantial crossover appeal for the general election based on his proven record of stopping illegal immigration.  Almost 10,000 voters signed his nominating petitions, nearly twice the required number.  The Thomas campaign was apparently the only campaign for Governor which collected signatures using only volunteers, not paid signature gatherers. 

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