Sunday, July 20, 2014

Even liberals admit Andrew Thomas kept his promises to voters

Ten years ago, Andrew Thomas ran for Maricopa County Attorney and promised to stop illegal immigration.  Liberal elites scoffed.  Illegal immigration was a federal problem, they said, not a state issue.  Nobody had ever tackled illegal immigration at the state level before.  And illegal immigration had not been stopped in any meaningful way, by any government agency, for decades.

But Andrew Thomas proved them wrong.  He worked with the legislature to draft new state laws to combat human trafficking and prosecute employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants.  He worked with Sheriff Joe Arpaio in a nationally renowned partnership that sent illegal immigrants fleeing to other states or back to Mexico.

Even his liberal critics admitted he had kept his promise to the voters.  When Andrew Thomas ran for reelection as Maricopa County Attorney, ultraliberal columnist E.J. Montini of the Arizona Republic acknowledged this success.  The title of his column said it all:  “On campaign pledge, there’s no doubting Thomas.”   Andrew Thomas “has kept his campaign promises,” Montini admitted as he predicted, correctly, he would be reelected.  He added that Andrew Thomas “may be the only politician in Arizona—maybe the entire country—who did exactly what he told voters that he would do.”

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