Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Jared Day: Andrew Thomas has emerged as the Tea Party candidate for governor

The race for Governor in Arizona is very crowded and beginning to heat up. Of the six candidates, Andrew Thomas has emerged as the leader having gained majority support among the grassroots, conservative base and Tea Party.

The polls for the Arizona Governor race have been conflicted to say the least, several polls with results matching the agenda they coincide with. However, in the most telling poll up to this point, Andrew Thomas is far ahead of the other five opponents. The results of the unannounced straw poll held at the regular meeting of the Maricopa County Republican Party leadership on June 5th were recently released. Here are the results.
Andrew Thomas: 40 % (16 votes)
Ken Bennett: 17.5 % (7 votes)
Frank Riggs: 17.5 % (7 votes)
Doug Ducey: 12.5 % (5 votes)
Christine Jones: 5 % (2 votes)
Scott Smith: 0 % (0 votes)
Andrew Thomas has always been a target of the liberal media. He has brought this upon himself by being a conservative warrior, taking on the establishment and stopping illegal immigration. In other words, he’s disliked because he has done the right thing.
That’s exactly what Arizona needs right now. We need a warrior that will stand up to Washington bureaucrats and not be bullied by liberal activist judges. Arizona has passed some highly effective laws over the last several years, many of them overturned by a federal court. Andrew Thomas vows to end that injustice.
Back in March I reported on Arizona passing a law that required an ID to vote, makes sense, right? Last month the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned our law callingit based in “animosity”. Occurrences like this are all too common in Arizona, often being overlooked by the voting public. Andrew Thomas has a proven record of standing up to these higher courts that bully us, even if half of the population is asleep at the wheel.
The video below provides some clips I mashed together from the debate on July 15th at the Community Church of Joy in Glendale, Arizona. They feature Andrew Thomas talking about his past success in stopping illegal immigration, plans to end common core and how he’ll turn around the Arizona economy, attracting jobs to the state.
The excitement was palpable in the small church packed with 700 people. It was energizing.
In today’s America we can be labeled a racist for merely believing we should maintain our borders. Andrew Thomas aired the following campaign ad that now has the moonbats on the left, both in media and government, crying racism. How much more sensitive can we become as a nation? I will not accept being labeled a racist for wanting my country’s border secure.
Here is that campaign ad that is shaking the foundations of so many Arizonans.
Arizona needs a conservative warrior at the helm that won’t sit back and watch our sovereignty be erased.

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