Sunday, July 20, 2014

National Leader in Fight for Secure Border Endorses Andrew Thomas

Anna Gaines, Founder and Chairperson of American Citizens United, has announced her endorsement of Andrew Thomas for Governor.  An Arizonan who immigrated legally from Mexico, Gaines is one of the nation’s most prominent advocates of tougher border security.  

In her letter of endorsement, Gaines noted Andrew Thomas’ long-standing support of tough border-security policies.  “I have known him for many years since he was Maricopa County Attorney,” Gaines said.  Thomas has broad experience as a prosecutor and with Latino culture (Gaines noted Andrew’s wife is Hispanic).  

Gaines added:

“The most important promise he kept when he was campaigning for County Attorney was to work on illegal immigration issues.  Many people thought at the time, ‘What can he do as a County Attorney, this is a federal issue?’  He kept his word and worked with the Sheriff . . . and the majority of law-abiding citizens who wanted a reduction in crime.”

Gaines’ organization, American Citizens United, has been a fixture at rallies and conferences dedicated to the fight against illegal immigration and our broken borders.

Thomas said he was honored to have Gaines’ support, along with that of most other activists in Arizona concerned about border security.  

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