Sunday, October 16, 2011

What about Thelda Williams' bankruptcy? Where is the fair reporting on the race against Eric Frederick?

News reports and campaign flyers by Thelda Williams' supporters are gloating over the fact that conservative Phoenix City Council candidate Eric Frederick filed for bankruptcy last year. Most of them fail to report that Frederick's liberal opponent for City Council, Thelda Williams, has also filed for bankruptcy. She filed several years ago in connection with a failed restaurant business. Frederick filed due to being in the mortgage business (this is not surprising trust me - half my bankruptcy clients come from that industry sadly enough), and  said he still paid his creditors back. Don't expect Williams supporters' flyers to report any of that accurately, and they didn't. These are some of the most dishonest campaign mailers I have ever seen, and I've been in politics a long time.

The Arizona Republic ran a small article buried in the back of the paper about the bankruptcies, which you can't even find online or by googling. I could not find anything else about Williams' bankruptcy anywhere.

When voting in this race, do your research. Do you want the liberal incumbent Thelda Williams and more of the status quo? The folks behind the attack ads supporting her are connected to Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon! BINGO! The City of Phoenix is practically going bankrupt due to the unions and exorbitantly high pensions. Much of the costs are being passed along to Phoenix residents on their water bills. My water bill has gone from $40 to $100 under this current administration, and I live by myself.

It is very unfortunate that Sheriff Arpaio has endorsed Williams. Obviously there are some insider politics going on that we don't know about. Who can forget his ill-fated "endorsement" of Janet Napolitano over Matt Salmon for governor. 

If you want the big-government, big-spending, tax increase (she flip-flopped on the food tax between the primary and this runoff election, meanwhile her mailers have the nerve to tout her opposing the food tax!) career politician, vote for Williams. If you want the conservative alternative who will reform government, vote for Tea Party candidate Eric Frederick.

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