Friday, October 28, 2011

Special Interest Groups Spend Lavishly to Remove Pearce from Office

CONTACT: Chad Willems
Over $200,000 Spent by Multiple Committees
MESA, AZ – Several left-leaning independent expenditure groups have spent $170,000 to unseat Arizona State Senate President Russell Pearce. This figure does not include the activities of the yet-to-be-disclosed “Citizens United for Progress” committee that is under investigation by the Attorney General’s office for illegal campaign activities.
Pearce campaign chairman Chad Willems said, “It’s no surprise. This is what our campaign has been saying all along which is an outside group of liberal special interests want to overthrow the will of the majority in District 18.”
Meanwhile, the Patriots for Pearce campaign reported raising $230,000 from 2,200 donors. Nearly 80% of the donations are from Arizona residents. The committee has just over $70,000 cash on hand – and continues to fundraise at a record pace.
“We have been humbled by the tremendous outpouring of support for Senator Pearce and his agenda for a strong, safe and secure Arizona, creating private sector jobs, balancing our state budget and strengthening education through choice, accountability and performance pay,” Willems added.
In reviewing the independent expenditures in support of Jerry Lewis, the Arizona Capitol Times reported earlier this week that the “Public Campaign Action Fund’s funding largely comes from liberal interests, including Common Cause,, the National Education Association, the Service Employees International Union and the Tides Voter Action Fund.”
“It’s obvious now more than ever that Jerry Lewis is a puppet of his left-wing supporters. Jerry is simply aiding and abetting these groups’ attempts to remove Senator Pearce from office. If this was a bank robbery, Jerry may not be holding the shotgun, but he would definitely be driving the getaway car,” Willems concluded.

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