Monday, October 24, 2011

Stanton dodges police chief hire

Wes Gullett says it’s the top job of the next Mayor
PHOENIX – Phoenix needs a Police chief. Wes Gullett wants to hire one. Career-politician Greg Stanton, as is typical, won’t commit.
At a debate last Friday at Phoenix Country Club, Stanton refused to commit, if elected, to the city hiring a police chief in the first three months of taking office, as Gullett has done.
The former police chief of Phoenix resigned months ago, yet the search for a replacement has barely begun. Phoenix has had an “acting police chief” since early March. Gullett called for a national search to begin at that time.
While Stanton won’t commit on this issue, he has outlined more than 40 ways to grow government on his own Web site.
“The most sacred responsibility of government is public safety,” Gullett said. “If we do not feel safe in our homes, our places of work, schools and public venues we cannot succeed as a city in the long-term.”
Gullett says the city has waited too long, and the process needs to start immediately.
Stanton’s refusal to answer the question follows a troubling pattern of indecisiveness and evasiveness, reported last week by the Arizona Republic.
“Phoenix needs leadership,” Gullett said. “We need a Mayor who will have the courage to make the tough decisions and get Phoenix working again – not someone who is unwilling to even tell voters what he thinks.”

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