Monday, October 10, 2011

Meeting tomorrow night exposing Agenda 21

Tuesday October 11, 2011
A progress report on Banking, Oversight, & Your Friends at 
How the UN is trying to reach into your pocket, through your investments and YOUR BANK! 
You will see information resulting from an Original North Phoenix Tea Party Research Project a part of Phoenix 2020 Dream Scape ! 
How to Fix IT ! HERMAN CAIN's 9-9-9 Plan ! 
Every corporation and bank is in the target zone ! 
Your Sec. of State and Corporation Commission have been order to comply ! 
Stop the Madness ! NOW ! 
A short slide presentation and discussion on ‘how to’ protect your money ! 
Show begins at 6:30pm @ Elks club 
@ 32st. & Acoma Phoenix, AZ
This is a free presentation! 
The UN agency ICLEI are in your company and in your bank ! 
What you can do from your home to defeat this evil !!! 
Banking Presentation begins at 7:30 pm

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