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Usery Mountain Shooting Range Event Saturday & Sheriff Paul Babeu this Tuesday!

Red Mountain Patriots
Come join us for a Dynamic & Educational meeting that is
 attended by hundreds of conservatives in Arizona!
(Prayer, Pledge, National Anthem, Honor Veterans, Constitutional Education, Politicians & much more!)

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Please join the Red Mountain Patriots on Tuesday nights.*
We Invite you, your family and friends to attend our educational meetings.
 East Valley High School, 7420 E. Main St., Mesa, Arizona 85207
Tuesday, October 25:     Sheriff Paul Babeu (Illegal Immigration and 10 Sheriffs want Eric Holder to resign over Fast and Furious)
Tuesday, November 1:   District 18 & 19 Representatives Panel with 4 representatives
(Justin Pierce, Justin Olson, Cecil Ash, Steve Court)
Tuesday, November 8:    Michael Ligon  (10 Years working at the Douglas Port of Entry)
Tuesday, November 15:  Pamela Geller (Editor of Atlas Shrugs and Author of "Stop the Islamization of America.")
The Red Mountain Patriots wish to
THANK Mr. Alan Korwin for his presentation about our 2nd Amendment Rights.
Alan Korwin spoke this past Tuesday night about our Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  His presentation was not only educational but very entertaining.  Alan has authored 13 books including his very popular book named "The Arizona Gunowner's Guide."
Watch this video about why Americans should keep and bear arms!

Luby 's survivor Suzanna Hupp
Luby 's survivor Suzanna Hupp
Usery Mountain Shooting Range Event
this coming Saturday, October 29 @ 1:00pm
Watch this short video:

Rio Salado Sportsman's Club, Mesa AZ
Rio Salado Sportsman's Club, Mesa AZ
 After having Mr. Alan Korwin speak to the Red Mountain Tea Party, it was evident that there was a tremendous amount of interest in having a target shooting event at the Usery Mountain Shooting Range.  Because of this interest, many individuals are going to meet next Saturday, October 29 at 1:00pm with their guns and ammunition to target practice.
The entrance fee at the Shooting Range is $7 for adults and $3 for anyone under 18 years old.  Other charges may apply if you need a gun, or ammunition, or ear plugs, or eyewear, etc....  Be sure to bring those items if you have them.

Event:    Target Shooting at Usery Mountain Shooting Range
                      Safety Classes available as well as Shotgun Skeet Shooting
Where:   3960 N. Usery Pass Rd.  (Usery Mountain Shooting Range)

When:     Saturday, October 29th at 1:00pm

Reservations:  None Available  (It is first come, first serve)

Bring:     Guns, Ammunition, Ear Plugs, Eyewear, etc...
Don't Miss Our Guest Speaker
this Tuesday night at 7:00pm, October 25,
at the Red Mountain Patriots!
Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu

7:00pm to 8:35pm
(Guest speaker will take the stage at about 7:35pm)
East Valley High School
7420 E. Main St.
Mesa, Arizona  85207
(NE Corner of Main St. and 74th)
Tuesday, November 15 at 7pm,
our guest will be
National Author & Leader against the Islamization of America:
Ms. Pamela Geller!
Pamela Geller led the fight against the Ground Zero Mosque as well as the fight against Sharia Law in America.  She has been on every majory Television and Radio program in America.  
Pamela is a regular guest on Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly.  She is also the Editor/Publisher of Atlas Shrugs, Executive Director of AFDI/SIOA and Author of "The Post American Presidency" and "Stop the Islamization of America."
Go to her website for more information:
Watch these short videos:

Huckabee:  Pamela Geller on the 911 Mosque at Ground Zero
Huckabee: Pamela Geller on the 911 Mosque at Ground Zero
Pamela Geller on The O'Reilly Factor - August 4, 2010
Pamela Geller on The O'Reilly Factor - August 4, 2010
Watch this amazing interview by
Neil Cavuto from last Friday
with Steve Wynn of Wynn Resorts.
(He would make a good Presidential Candidate)
It is broken up into 4 short parts:

Neil Cavuto interviews Steve Wynn 10-21-11, part 1 
Neil Cavuto interviews Steve Wynn 10-21-11, part 1
Neil Cavuto interviews Steve Wynn 10-21-11, part 2
Neil Cavuto interviews Steve Wynn 10-21-11, part 2
Neil Cavuto interviews SteveWynn, 10-21-11. part 3
Neil Cavuto interviews SteveWynn, 10-21-11. part 3
Neil Cavuto interviews Steve Wynn 10-21-11, part 4
Neil Cavuto interviews Steve Wynn 10-21-11, part 4
The Arizona Redistricting Committee
made up of 2 Democrats, 2 Republicans and 1 Independent has brokens all the rules
and created Districts that look like the Committee
 was made up of all Liberals. 
Once again the Republicans have proven that  reaching across the aisle to compromise has proven to be a disaster!  In this case it is so bad that the Arizona Legislature is stepping in to take up the subject tomorrow at the State Capitol in a supervisory role as outlined in the state constitution.  If you are available, we need you to attend this important meeting to voice your opinion.
Look at the Gerrymandering in the new Map!
Calling all Supporters to Help!
Less than 3 weeks to go before the
Russell Pearce Recall Election.
Please Help Preserve this American Patriot!
This election is much bigger than Jerry Lewis, Russell Pearce, District 18 or even Arizona.  Please help defeat this attack by Globalist George Soros, American Socialists, those in La Raza who espouse Hate to America, and the Open Borders Crowd.  These are the individuals that set up the Recall and paid thousands to acquire signatures from people who for the most part did not even vote in the last election of 2010.
  Call for Zachary or Chad at Campaign headquarters to offer your help!
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Tea Party member discount!  This is a Win Win for all!
Beall's Outlet 
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Hatch Tire and Auto Repair!

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100 S. Power Rd., Mesa, Arizona  85207
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Oil Change and New Filter, Free Tire Rotation
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Hatch Tire and Auto Repair
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Village Inn
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Mesa, Arizona  85208
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Meeting Schedule for October 2011
 East Valley High School
from 7:00pm until 8:35pm
(Located at 7420 E. Main in Retail Plaza)
Guest Speakers usually begin speaking at about 7:35pm.
Tuesday, October 25, 2011
Sheriff Paul Babeu
(Sheriff of Pinal County)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011
Representatives Panel
 Reps:  Justin Pierce, Justin Olson, Cecil Ash and Steve Court

Tuesday November 8, 2011
Michael Ligon
(10 Years Border Agent in Douglas Port of Entry)

Tuesday November 15, 2011
Color Guard Celebrating Veterans Day

Meeting Policies:
Thank you in advance for your cooperation in these matters.  Any person who does not comply with the following will be asked to leave the meeting!

We ask you to turn your cellphone and other computer devices off when entering the building.  No food or beverage is allowed in the building except for the water that we offer.  No smoking is allowed in the building or on the sidewalk in the front.  No advertising or other written materials are allowed inside except for that which has been authorized in advance of the meeting.  No video-recording is allowed except that which is done by the Red Mountain Tea Party.  No Media are allowed unless they have been approved ahead of time.  No pets are allowed inside the building.  We expect all guests and speakers to be treated with respect.  The Chairman will have final decision on these matters.

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God Bless America!

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