Thursday, March 13, 2008

Message from Arizona Tax Revolt

Please let me introduce the Arizona Tax Revolt,

The Arizona Tax Revolt a non-profit, non-partisan organization that since November 2007 has been promoting two initiatives architected to restore sanity to a property taxation system that has been hurting property owners during the recent run-up in valuations. Not only are the homeowners being taxed from their property but the boom and bust real estate cycles hurt all property owners, Realtors, the Construction industry and the State economy. Our Legislators for the last 26 years have failed us, and once again are pulling out their band-aid fixes for a system that can only be saved with emergency surgery.

The Arizona Tax Revolt has spared neither time nor expense in identifying and proposing solutions to the many problems with our tax system. Without going into detail here, I ask that you take a few minutes to peruse our WEB site at: where you can learn about our measures that frankly are light years ahead of the property taxation system in place today. In addition I encourage you to “download” our Power Point presentation that goes into some detail on the initiatives. As you will see what we are proposing will provide the taxpayer protections of Prop 13 California while improving revenue linearity to all property taxing entities. Our “baseline” valuation system does this in a way that prevents a shift of the tax burden to new buyers, (the biggest objection to California’s Prop 13) like us if we move and our children and grandchildren when they buy homes. The many benefits apply equally to the owners of ALL property classifications, and most importantly property taxes will be immune from real estate price inflation, the primary cause of angry taxpayers. This will benefit you, your business, customers, employees and future generations of Arizonans.

Marc Goldstone, Chair
Arizona Tax Revolt

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