Saturday, March 22, 2008

Horizon: Senator Kyl takes sensible approach on illegal immigration

Senator Kyl was interviewed about illegal immigration on Thursday night's Horizon, and took an impressively reasonable approach. While he acknowledged that it would be a good idea to have a guest worker program, he cautioned that if Arizona passed a state law implementing it, it would probably be unconstitutional. With Arizona's current budget problems, we can't afford the cost of defending another lawsuit we know we're going to lose. Kyl said that any federal guest worker program must be temporary and not include a path to citizenship. He observed that the newly implemented employer sanctions bill looks like it will be effective and was the right step to take. Kyl should be commended for standing up on this issue, as politically unpopular as it makes him with the liberal media and left wing activists.

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Anonymous said...

Another great reason why he has a 96.9% life time conservative rating from the American Conservative Union.

Can we switch which AZ Senator we are running for President?