Friday, March 28, 2008

CAP: Bills at the legislature - partial-birth abortion ban, same-sex marriage, parental consent & nurses performing abortions

1) Crunch Time at the Legislature!

Just about every key bill on CAP's legislative agenda has had a vote this week at the State Capitol. And, as you can tell from your inbox, we need your help! It is time to "blow out the phones" on two critical measures ---a state ban on partial-birth abortion and the 2008 marriage amendment. Those who promote abortion are flooding the Governor's office with emails asking her to veto the partial-birth abortion ban. Those who favor same-sex "marriage" are pressuring legislators to prevent you from voting on the marriage amendment in November. There's still time to respond to both action alerts here. Help spread the word by emailing the action alerts to your friends and taking print copies to church with you on Sunday.

Now is not the time for us to grow weary in well doing. Now is a time to redouble our efforts to protect and defend life and marriage. These battles are worth fighting for our children and their future!

(2) Parental Consent Guidelines

HB 2263 to codify an appellate court decision providing guidance for judges ruling on whether or not a minor should get an abortion without parental consent passed the Senate. That bill also awaits the Governor's signature or veto.

(3) Nurses Performing Abortions

By a 32-28 vote, the Arizona House passed HB 2269 to prohibit nurses from performing surgical abortions. Planned Parenthood uses nurse practitioners to perform first and second trimester abortions. To stay open, the abortion industry must expand the pool of abortion practitioners, as many doctors now refuse to perform abortions. One state representative alleged that a ban on nurses performing abortions will force women to the back alleys or self-induced abortion. How often have you heard that "abortion should be between a woman and her doctor"? It turns out for Planned Parenthood, a nurse is fine, no matter the risks. Speaking on the House floor, Rep. Bob Stump said, "A woman suffering from complications from an abortion will need the care of a doctor. And it is not right for her to receive a different standard of care." Rep. Stump is right. If something goes wrong, women need the care of a doctor, not a nurse. To watch the video of the floor vote on HB 2269, click here.

(4) School Issues

In the education arena, the House passed HB 2100 to allow employers to deduct the school tax credits from an employee's paycheck throughout the year. Another school choice bill, HB 2098, however, failed to pass the House by one vote and will be reconsidered Tuesday. HB 2098 prevents the corporate scholarship tax credit from expiring in 2011. The Students' Religious Liberties Act (HB 2713) passed the House 36-23 and awaits Senate action.

(5) Thank You!

The flurry of legislative activity this week reminds us how critical your support is to our ministry. We recognize that our work is in the Lord's hands, and we appreciate your prayers. We are also so grateful for the time that you take out of your day to write an e-mail or call your legislators because those calls and letters make a huge impact.

Please continue to stand with us to protect life, marriage, and religious freedom. To see how your representatives voted on each of these bills, click here.

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