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Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act constitutional initiative

Medical Choice for Arizona

Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act -- A State Constitutional Initiative

March 2008


Dear Friend:

My name is Jeff Singer, MD. I am a general surgeon in the greater Phoenix area, and I'm the Treasurer of a campaign committee called "Medical Choice for Arizona." We are circulating petitions to place on this November's ballot "The Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act."

As I am sure you are well aware, momentum is building across the nation, by well-intentioned and not-so-well-intentioned people, for comprehensive --even radical-- reform of our health care system. Frustrated with the gridlock in Washington, many states are taking matters in to their own hands, and passing reforms aimed at achieving "universal coverage," but that ultimately will result in rationing of health care and limitations on our freedom of choice of health care options, treatments, and providers.

"The Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act" would amend the Arizona Constitution to insure that, whatever type of health care legislation ultimately emerges from our legislature, it will not be able to restrict our freedom of choice of private health care systems, plans, or options; it will not be able to prevent us from directly paying for lawful medical services; and it will not, in any way, be able to force us to participate in a plan or program if we don't want to.

What's more, our legal counsel, Clint Bolick (co-founder of the Institute for Justice, and currently Director of the Goldwater Institute's Center for Constitutional Litigation, among other things), who designed the language for our initiative, believes this might actually prevent a further FEDERAL intrusion into the healthcare system. He says that there is legal precedent for state constitutional law actually trumping federal law when the federal law trespasses into an area of police power that has been traditionally reserved to the states under the US Constitution. So passage of this amendment in AZ and other states would at least give us a fighting chance against those in DC who want to force us into a one-size-fits-all national health care plan.

Medical Choice for Arizona consists of people from across the political spectrum, all of whom want serious reform to our health care system --all of whom want to reduce the ranks of the uninsured-- all of whom want to make sure our kids get adequate health care-- but who have differing views regarding what constitutes the best kind of reform. But there is one thing on which we all agree: WE MUST RETAIN THE RIGHT OF PEOPLE TO HAVE CONTROL OVER THEIR OWN HEALTH CARE CHOICES.

Medical Choice for Arizona is not about enacting--or blocking--any specific health care legislation. It is about preserving and protecting patients' choice.


Please visit our website at to learn more about "The Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act." The actual ballot language, as well as "frequently asked questions," and a way to donate online can be found at the site. If you have further questions, feel free to phone us at: 623-271-9576.

But most important, please consider making a contribution to our campaign. Arizona law places NO LIMITS on the amount of money that can be contributed to non-partisan citizens initiative campaigns like ours. The donations are not tax deductible. However, Arizona law DOES ALLOW corporate contributions to be made to initiative campaigns.

Please make your check out to: "Medical Choice for Arizona," and mail it to our address at:

3655 W. Anthem Way
Suite A-109--PMB 212
Anthem, AZ 85086

Or donate at our website below.

Health care reform is on the front burner in all the political debates this year. No time is more important than NOW to act to protect our right to choice in health care.

Thank you for your consideration.


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Jeff Singer, MD


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