Monday, November 5, 2007

Transgender Law to Allow Males to Use Women's Restrooms Introduced in MD

Expect Rep. Kyrsten Sinema to propose this in AZ next year in response to the Anderson's flap.

Council lawmakers in Maryland's Montgomery County are considering a proposal to give transgendered people protected status under law – outraging citizens who contend that this would allow transgender men to use showers, lockers, and restrooms used by women and girls, reports Staff Writer Pete Winn.

Bill 23-07 would add "gender identity" to the county's existing non-discrimination laws, if passed by the Montgomery County Council at its upcoming Nov. 13 meeting. The legal measure was quietly advancing through the county council until someone leaked its existence, critics contend.

Critics fear the bill would allow males to have open access to women's restrooms, even if they have male genitalia, as long as they “feel like a woman.” They claim that protected status would apply to men – straight or gay – who merely appear effeminate and to women who appear “butch.”

Specifically, the law would apply to individuals who are living full-time as "a gender other than their birth gender."

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