Friday, November 2, 2007

Happy 59th Birthday, GOP Chair Pullen!


Dear Friends,

Another year has come and gone, and our Chairman finds himself another year older! As he celebrates his 59th birthday, I can think of no better birthday wish for him, than to see Republicans win elections in 2008.

I hope you will help the Chairman celebrate his birthday by donating to the Arizona Republican Party today. Just $59 on his 59th birthday will help the party to be successful in 2008!

There are so many things that the State Party must do in order to elect a Republican President, retain our Republican members of Congress, grow our majorities in the State Legislature and get Republicans elected to local positions. Won’t you help the Chairman get his birthday wish?

We can’t win without your financial help!

Please click on the button above and donate $59 on Chairman Pullen's 59th birthday. Help to ensure Republican victories in 2008!

The AZGOP has a very real oportunity to pick up seats in the Legislature - but we must raise money to help candidates get out the vote.

The AZGOP will play a critical role in electing a Republican President, but not without your support.

Please show your support today, by donating $59 on Chairman Pullen's 59th birthday by clicking on the above link today!


Sharon Giese, National Committeewoman

P.S. Your $59 donation will help fund an aggressive voter registration program, keeping Republican registrations up and ensuring victory in 2008!

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