Saturday, November 10, 2007

National Review looking for an editor

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

We Want You [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

If you are yearning to play a key, hardworking, behind-the-scenes role at National Review and National Review Online.

It's not every day that National Review has editorial openings. At the moment, however, we have a few — for both NR and NRO. (They have come up because of natural transition and expansion afoot.)

If you're someone with editing experience — and someone who edits well, enjoys the process of editing, and understands its importance — then you'll want to pay attention to this post.

(By contrast, if you'd really rather be the next great reporter, columnist, or pundit, you should skip — there are other opportunities for you out there. And, in fact, feel free to pitch me a piece if that's the case.)

National Review and National Review Online are in the market for an NRO Managing Editor, an NR Deputy Managing Editor, and an NR Associate Editor — all to be based out of our New York office.

Requirements: a real talent for editing, and experience with editing; a broad political and cultural knowledge; and knowledge of and enthusiasm for National Review and National Review Online.

If I've described you, your talents, and your interests, send a résumé and – of at least equal importance – a letter of interest making the case for yourself to Erica Stalnecker, at

Thanks. If the description above sounds like you, I look forward to meeting you soon... We're looking to fill these slots ASAP, so don't delay if you are ready and willing, and possess the editing talent that we're looking for.

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