Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Excellent article profiling the Goldwater Institute's new constitutional litigation center

A must-read. Other than the overuse of the word "conservative" in the article (the Goldwater Institute takes no position on social issues, is composed of probably more libertarians than conservatives, and the head of its constitutional litigation center, Clint Bolick, has been a vocal critic of President Bush), this provides a good overview of the Institute's litigation center.
The Phoenix-based group is expanding its influence to limit government power and spending by creating a new litigation center that sues to block what it sees as abuse...Goldwater wants to be a counter-balance to public-interest firms like the American Civil Liberties Union, which favors liberal causes....One signature case involves nearly $100 million of incentives Phoenix is offering the developer of CityNorth for a ritzy shopping center. Phoenix argues the subsidy is needed to finance a parking garage that will help generate sales-tax revenue and provide transit parking. Bolick sees the latest city subsidy for a developer as a way to make a healthy profit margin ever higher. The Goldwater suit was filed on behalf of several smaller businesses, saying it violates a clause in the state constitution that bans gifts to individual businesses.

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