Sunday, February 26, 2012

Woe Be Wade

by Bill Ponath

What goes around comes around . . . . or so they say. The subject of abortion as a means of “contraception” has come to light with Rick Santorum as an emerging candidate for the U.S. Presidency and the demand by the Obama regime under Obama-Care that all health-care organizations fund both contraception and abortions. The emergence of this conflict is similar to suggesting that a sound economic policy would be to simply assassinate President Obama and all of his cronies who are pushing to increase taxation as a method to heal our nation’s economic crisis. Yes; it would eliminate the problem, but it is hardly the method by which a civilized nation goes about its business. Oddly enough though; the policy of using abortion as a form of contraception is eerily similar to the goal of Adolph Hitler and his Nazi regime: to eliminate those persons who are perceived to be burdensome to a chosen and privileged class.

Abortion is not the only problem that we face; yet the approach to deal with the issue through “executive order” is an all-too-familiar methodology under the current administration. When we examine economic history, facts are facts: only twice in the history of the United States of America and all other industrialized nations since 1900 has an increase in taxation caused an increase in government income. Those two times were when progressive taxation was initially implemented to fund World War I; and when after the war the United States was in its worst depression in history because all of the soldiers came home and there was no work to be found. Presidents Harding and Coolidge LOWERED TAXES TO JUMP-START THE ECONOMY (Please copy this to all government officials with a “D” after their names) and the depression ended less than 16 months after it began. After that our government used progressive taxation as a never-ending fountain of youth. When the Great Depression began in 1929 President Roosevelt used government taxation as a vehicle for recovery and it never worked. The fact is that THE GREAT DEPRESSION HAS NEVER ENDED and our “prosperous” periods were when we lowered taxes, increased government income, lowered unemployment, and raised the standard of living . . . . . at least until the next tax hike. Effectively; these prosperities were periods of less suffering but they invited greater action in the same direction. Unfortunately; every time that lower taxation was implemented and successful, it was then followed by boosting taxation and spending; thus recreating the crisis that had just been diverted.

But I digress.

Let’s be frank. Under no circumstances can a rational person; even a Reaganesque Republican, condone the killing of innocent persons who carry an alternative political position. It is our goal to fairly contemplate the alternatives and make a decision based on fact and not conjecture. For this reason I have come to the conclusion that my candidacy for the Presidency of the United States of America is short-lived and I am willing to accept nomination to the Supreme Court when Ruth Bader Ginsburg steps down next year. As a portion of my resume I submit the following as my abbreviated ruling in the case of “BO v. Babe.”

Bill Ponath is a bankruptcy attorney and pro tem judge in Phoenix. He is the author of Verdict for America, solutions for the country's most pressing problems.

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