Saturday, February 4, 2012

Arizona Bill Proposed to Move Notices Out of Newspapers. On Line Press Weighs In This Time

Editor's note: IC Arizona and several other bloggers and online newspapers in Arizona strongly support this bill

In Arizona, As New Public Notice Bill is Proposed, On Line  Press Is Voice

The Public Notice Bill proposal season is in full swing. Bills have already been shot down in New Jersey andFlorida . Next Up: Arizona. We reported on Arizona's last attempt to save money and move notices on line last March which of course (altogether now) died in committee.
This year House Bill 2403 allows the local governments to  publish public notices in a newspaper or post notices anywhere on a "worldwide public network of interconnected computers."  I think that means on the internet. The sponsor of the bill, David Stevens, has a background in technology and understands its power.
The bill is now in the hands of the House Technology & Infrastructure Committee. Here is what is interesting: for the first time in these fights, on line newspapers are starting to make their voices  heard. Editorials from printed papers are predictably singing the praises of the status quo. Typically, when open hearings are held for committees and sub-committees, the printed press, organized by the state's press association accompanied by lobbyists, turns out in full force with little or no opposition. This round, the on line press led by Lynne Lamaster, was quoted as being for the bill. They are becoming a vocal force.

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