Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Schweikert v. Quayle: Magic Carpet Ride

Ben Quayle wants you to join him on a magic carpet ride to carpetbag a new Congressional district...
Because Ben Quayle wants to run for Congress in Schweikert's CD6, but there are a few problems with Quayle's argument:
  • Quayle's home isn't in CD6, it's in CD9
  • Quayle's campaign office isn't in CD6, it's in CD9
  • Quayle's Congressional office isn't in CD6, it's in CD9
This sure makes Quayle's argument that "at the end of the day, my choice is to continue representing the people I represent today" a bit suspect, because he currently represents them from an office in CD9, his home is in CD9, and his campaign headquarters is in CD9!
But there's still more!
  • News broke late last night Quayle actually polled CD9 to see how we match up in head-to-head against a radical leftist in 2012, to keep that seat red for a Republican majority in Arizona.
  • Just what did he learn?  
  • He learned he would win in CD9!
So why then, would he run against David?
  • Because Ben Quayle puts himself before Arizona.
  • He puts himself before Republican victory in Arizona.
  • He is willing to cost Republicans a majority in the House of Representatives.
  • And now he wants YOU to HAND HIM a Congressional district that he doesn't even live in.
Arizonans have never liked carpetbaggers.
Just because it's Ben Quayle, doesn't mean he is an exception.
CALL CONGRESSMAN BEN QUAYLE TODAY at 602-341-3012, and tell him not to Carpetbag in Arizona!
Please click to support David today, because he has always put Arizona first!
With Ben Quayle trying to defeat David, we need every single $1, $10 and $100 donation to defend against oncoming attacks.
Will you stand with David to make a difference and send a rushed investment to his campaign?

Hurry, please don't delay. With every minute that passes by, Ben Quayle is raising an attack machine to carpetbag fellow Republicans. Your investment today can stop his selfish, ego-driven attacks!

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