Thursday, February 2, 2012

David Schweikert: The Strongest Candidate

After this week's elections filing, David has one of the strongest campaigns possible.
The reason David is the strongest candidate is...
Because of people like you!  - - Thank you!
Thousands of returning campaign investments have made a huge impact.
And that is why giving matters, because together we can make a difference.
$1,000, $100, or $10 today.
Stopping Obama and his assault on our share values.
We each play a crucial role in reaching the next level of victory.
Restoring our economy with pro-growth policies that work.
David Schweikert has served Arizona's communities his entire life.
He gets it.
And as our campaign climbs to the next level, your donation matters more than ever!
CLICK HERE if David can count on you to HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
Your $10 ,$100, or $1,000 donation goes a long way, and sends the most powerful message there is.

We stand with David!
He is the clear choice to defend our shared conservative principles and turn things around.

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