Tuesday, April 14, 2009

PAChyderm Joins The Phoenix Tea Party!

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PAChyderm Joins The Phoenix Tea Party!

Wednesday April 15, 2009
5:30- 7 pm

(PAChyderm Coalition will meet afterwards on site at the Capital)

Arizona State Capital Senate Lawn

KFYI 550 AM will be broadcasting live from the rally 4 - 7 PM! Listen live or on your AM dial during the 4 0'clock hour as our PAChyderm members, Representatives Judy Burges, Carl Seel and Senator Thayer Verschoor talk with JD Hayworth about the anti-tax and minimal budget cut solution(s) the legislature is working on to cure Arizona's existing and future budget crisis.

Joining Representative Carl Seel will be PAChyderm's guest Speaker Ryan Erwin who will outline his speech on potential health coverage expenses the state is paying for that should be born by the private insurance sector to be given later at our PAChyderm Coalition meeting .

As our guest speaker for the PAChyderm Coalition, Mr. Erwin will expand on his comments after the Phoenix Tea Party Rally which we expected to begin to wind down around 7PM, our plans are to hold our meeting over on the House Lawn at the end of the Phoenix Tea Party.

Due to the large number of people expected, parking will be at a premium so car pool if you can. Seating will be VERY limited we advise you to bring your own.

Americans for Prosperity

Tentative Speaker Schedule for Phoenix Tea Party, as of 4-14-9

Tom Jenney AFP Arizona (emcee) TI 2 5:45-5:47 pm

Keith Sipmann Taxpayer Activist TI 2 5:47-5:49 pm

Robert Mayer Tucson Organizer KI 2 5:49-5:51 pm

Russell Pearce Arizona Senator TI 5 5:51-5:56 pm

Ron Gould Arizona Senator TI 3 5:56-5:59 pm

Mike Broomhead KFYI Radio KI 5 6:00-6:05 pm

Pamela Gorman Arizona Senator TI 3 6:05-6:08 pm

Don Goldwater PAChyderm Coalition TI 3 6:08-6:11 pm

Ryan Erwin Pres,/CEO Ryan Erwin Assoc. 3 6:11-6:14pm

Jacobs/Young S.O. KFYI Radio TI 1 6:14-6:15 pm

Bryan Detwiler Cottonwood, AZ TI 2 6:15-6:17 pm

Crump/Montenegro Arizona House of Reps TI 3 6:17-6:20 pm

Gayle Plato-Besley Citizen Activist TI 3 6:20-6:23 pm

Austin Hill KTAR Radio TI 5 6:23-6:28 pm

Frank Antenori Arizona House of Reps TI 3 6:28-6:31pm

John Shadegg US Congress TI 7 6:31-6:38 pm

Clint Bolick Goldwater Inst TI 3 6:38-6:41 pm

David Zacharias Prop 13 Arizona TI 3 6:41-6:44 pm

David Fitzgerald Campaign for Liberty TI 3 6:44-6:47 pm

Hugh Hallman Mayor, City of Tempe TI 3 6:47-6:50 pm

Marc Goldstone AZ Tax Revolt TI 3 6:50-6:53 pm

Ernest Hancock It's Not My Debt TI 3 6.53-6:56 pm

House/Senate Ldrs Arizona Legislature TI 5 6:56-7:01 pm

JD Hayworth KFYI Radio KI 8 7:01-7:09 pm

Terry Gilberg KFYI Radio TI 5 7:09-7:14 pm

Barry Goldwater, Jr. Former Congressman TI 3 7:14-7:17 pm

Sydney Hay Save Our Secret Ballot TI 3 7:17-7:20 pm

Nick Dranias Goldwater Institute TI 3 7:20-7:23 pm

Greg Dutton AZ FairTax TI 3 7:23-7:26 pm

Robert Zuluaga CCM TI 3 7:26-7:29 pm

JP Mitchell FreedomArizona TI 3 7:29-7:34 pm

Jim Deakin CCM Activist TI 3 7:34-7:37 pm

Netty Wisbaum 1776 Take America Back TI 3 7:37-7:40 pm

Barry Hess Freedom Fighter TI 3 7:40-7:43 pm

TI = Tom Jenney introduces KI = Keith Sipmann introduces OM = Open mike

AFP Arizona does not necessarily endorse the views or statements of any Tea Party speakers.

PAChyderm Coalition does not necessarily endorse the views or statements of any Tea Party speakers.

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