Tuesday, April 28, 2009

CAP updates

Scholarship Tax Credit Program Still Standing

On Tuesday, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling in a case challenging Arizona's individual scholarship tax credit program. The court did not halt the scholarship tax credit program or strike it down, but instead sent the case back to federal trial court to determine whether in fact scholarship organizations are limiting scholarship awards in an unconstitutional way. The programs remain valid, so individuals and corporations can continue to donate to the scholarship tuition organizations that are providing scholarships to tens of thousands of students to attend the private schools of their parents' choosing.

Also this week, the Arizona Department of Revenue released its 2008 report showing school tuition organizations provided over 28,000 scholarships for students to attend the private schools chosen by their parents as the best school setting. Even using a very conservative estimate of the cost of public school education per student, this tax credit program results in savings of well over $120 million to the state (28,000 students times $6500 public school education cost per student equals $182 million. $182 million not spent on public school education for these students minus $54 million tax credit equals $128 million savings for state). CAP is working with our school choice allies to defend and protect all of the Arizona scholarship programs, including the grant program overturned by the Arizona Supreme Court last month.

You can read a Q&A document about the recent court decision prepared by the lead attorneys on the case, Institute for Justice and Alliance Defense Fund.

FDA Tramples on Parental Rights!

This week, the Federal Drug Administration ruled that 17 year-old girls can now receive Plan B "morning-after pills" at a local pharmacy without parental knowledge or a doctor's prescription. While the morning-after pill can act to prevent pregnancy, it can also act to abort an existing pregnancy by blocking implantation of a fertilized egg. Our government has decided that 17-year olds shouldn't vote, smoke, or buy alcohol, yet the FDA wants minor girls to make important medical decisions without any involvement from doctors or parents. Read more about this dangerous ruling on our blog.

Have You Heard the Buzz About Governor Huckabee?

Our office has been receiving calls every day from people excited to buy tickets for the CAP Family Dinner with Mike Huckabee. Plan now to join us on May 19th at the Camelback Inn for this special evening. Please make sure you purchase your tickets before they are gone!

Legislative Update

On Tuesday, the Students' Religious Liberties Act passed through Committee of the Whole debate in the House. "Rumors" abound that the state budget solution is close to being done, but everyone is cautious to put a timeline on when that will happen. Our CAP Policy team continues to encourage legislators to pass the budget so that pro-life and pro-family bills can be passed. To stay updated on these issues, as well as to read about Miss California, the Obama Administration, and other current events, visit our CAP blog.

Are You Ready to Pray?

While I hope that prayer is a daily part of your lives, the National Day of Prayer on May 7th is a great opportunity to join together with others to pray for our country and leaders. This year's theme is "Prayer...America's Hope." The future of our country and our freedoms are at stake, and there is no better time to join together in prayer. To learn more about Arizona's role in this important day, please visit the Arizona National Day of Prayer website.

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