Friday, April 3, 2009

AFP: Kirkpatrick Out, "conservative community organizer" Wikfors In

Chad Kirkpatrick Joins Brewer Administration

As you may have read already in the news, our AFP Arizona chairman, Chad Kirkpatrick, has stepped down from AFP Arizona to join Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s administration as director of the Government Information Technology Agency and State Chief Information Officer. This move is part of Governor Brewer’s commitment to cutting costs and making government more accountable to taxpayers. Kirkpatrick will assume the CIO role on April 13th.

Chad told us that he was extremely honored to have been offered the position. He said he was saddened to leave AFP, but he knows this is a great opportunity to help Governor Brewer rein in the out-of-control spending of the prior administration and make government work for the people of Arizona.

Kirkpatrick will also be leaving his full-time job as vice president of technology for a large financial company. His technical background, in addition to his fiscal conservative credentials, puts him in a unique position to oversee the planning and coordination of state IT projects and processes, and ensure that taxpayers are getting their money’s worth.

Chad has been instrumental to the success of AFP Arizona (formerly the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers), and we don’t want to let him go. But with the state facing a $3 billion budget deficit, we are glad that the Governor reached out to Chad. Napolitano left state finances in a huge mess, and now it’s time to fix it (without raising taxes…). We are excited that Chad will be part of that solution. You can contact Chad at

Shane Wikfors Joins AFP as Grassroots


Shane Wikfors, political consultant, blogger extraordinaire, and self-described “conservative community organizer,” has joined AFP Arizona as our Grassroots Coordinator. Shane’s main job is to help us put on grassroots educational events, including the April 15thTea Parties in Phoenix and Tucson, and a series of Legislative TownHalls around the state.

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