Friday, April 3, 2009

Franks Supports Pay Raise for Military Members and Families

U.S. Congressman Trent Franks (AZ-02), a Member of the House Armed Services Committee, gave the following statement today after the introduction of H.R. 1864, legislation introduced today to raise basic military pay by 3.4 percent.

Franks stated, "Members of the uniformed services across every branch continue to make immeasurable sacrifices for our nation, and it is incumbent on each and every American who walks in the sunlight of freedom to honor and support those noble men and women. To that end I co-sponsored H.R.1864, a bill that will maintain a 3.4% annual pay increase for 2010. As Democrat leadership brings their budget resolution to a vote today and continue putting together our defense budget, I would certainly hope that, amidst a seemingly endless spending spree of trillions' of dollars in bailouts, non-stimulus spending bills, and pet projects, they would at least show their support for the courageous men and women of the United States military by supporting an equitable pay scale."

President Obama's Budget has called for a 2.9% pay raise for uniformed services beginning January 1, 2010. While that is equal to the Employment Cost Index, it does nothing to further close the military-civilian pay gap and that is simply unacceptable. A modest 3.4% pay increase for 2010 will ensure that our military members move one step closer to an equitable pay scale.

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