Thursday, September 18, 2008

Did Tim Nelson's County Attorney Campaign Actually Say This?

Nelson Campaign Manager: Prosecutors Taking Money From Criminal Defense Attorneys In Chicago Is OK, Therefore It Should Be Acceptable In Maricopa County

Sometimes there's just no need for additional copy. September 11, 2008
"Thomas is wrong that there has never been a prosecutor's race in the country where defense attorneys have this amount of money. I just worked on a State's Attorney race where defense attorneys gave many times that amount," said Joshua Kilroy, Nelson campaign manager, of a race he ran in Chicago last year.

Thomas's campaign hurled its own retort. Kilroy had told that the Thomas campaign's inclusion of former Arizona Superior Court judge among the list of defense lawyers they cited was "ludicrous."

"Campbell currently works at the law firm of Osborn Maledon along with Nelson," wrote P.R. pro Jason Rose for the Thomas campaign. "On Campbell's own bio page there - focusing on areas of practice - 'Criminal Defense' is listed." Rose called for an apology from Nelson, saying, "his comments now look a little goofy."

As detailed by County Attorney Thomas on September 9th, Mr. Nelson has received a record amount of campaign contributions -- $15,000-$26,000 depending on how calculated - from lawyers representing Valley criminals. Many have cases now before the County Attorney's Office.

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