Friday, September 26, 2008

County Attorney Thomas Trumps Opponent Endorsements w/Major Police/Dem/Arpaio Endorsements

Frontline Crime Fighters, Democrats and Independents Show Support For County Attorney Thomas
Fraternal Order of Police, Border Patrol Agents, Sheriff Arpaio, Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, Former Democrat AG Nominee All Back Thomas

As crime and illegal immigration have decreased in Maricopa County, endorsements from Arizona’s leading law enforcement associations have come in for County Attorney Andrew Thomas. Leading Democrats and Independents involved in the fight against crime also have endorsed Thomas for reelection.

The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), the National Border Patrol Council, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA) have all announced their endorsement of Thomas.
“I’m very grateful for these endorsements from fellow leaders in the fight against crime,” Thomas said. “Law enforcement professionals know that as long as I’m county attorney, our office will continue to seek tough sentences for criminals and to fully enforce our immigration laws.”
Also announced today was the endorsement of several prominent Democrats and Independents, including Georgia Staton, Democratic nominee for Attorney General in 1990 and County Attorney in 1988; Jerry and Donna Neill, co-founders of the anti-crime community organization NAILEM; and Linda Kleiner, founder of Together Against Graffiti (TAG).
Thomas added, “I’m gratified that leaders from across the political spectrum recognize my commitment to protecting our neighborhoods. We need to continue to build on the progress we’ve made in reducing both crime and illegal immigration.”
"On behalf of 3,000 Border Patrol agents in the state of Arizona, I am honored and proud to endorse your candidacy for Maricopa County Attorney,” Edward Tuffly II, the president of Local 2544, National Border Patrol Council, told Thomas recently. “You have consistently fought against the vocal special interest groups who have attempted to undermine your aggressive stances on crime and illegal immigration. We believe that under your leadership, the Maricopa County Attorney's Office has become a model organization."
Staton stated, “Andy is a rare public official. He actually keeps his promises. He said he was going to be tough on criminals and he has kept his word. I urge all who believe in law and order to support his re-election.”
“Partners in police work are essential in providing safe and effective police protection in our communities. County Attorney Andrew Thomas has proven to be a consistent, credible, and creative police partner in protecting Maricopa County residents and the citizens of Phoenix. Mr. Thomas’ commitment to the rule of law is clearly seen in his tough stance in holding criminals accountable. We believe that continued support for Andy Thomas is continued support for front-line police officers and investigators,” said Mark Spencer, president of PLEA.
PLEA represents over 2500 rank-and-file Phoenix Police Officers and Detectives.

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