Friday, January 27, 2012

Photos of Tea Parties in Arizona greeting Obama's limousine

Obama came to Arizona Wednesday to brag about creating new jobs. He thinks he may have a shot at winning Arizona this fall for reelection. Uh, don't think so, not by the looks of the reception he received as he drove through Phoenix. Arizona's governor Jan Brewer had it out with him the instant he got off the plane, waving her finger in his face. Thanks to Angry Right Wing Housewife for the photos.

There were some far left activists with signs too.


Bobo from Texas said...

Looks like they support the kind of Hope&Change! that I can really believe in.

BuddyPC said...

One question. Did they pelt his limo with eggs?

They seem, ah, civil.

Aidan said...

No more affirmative action presidents.

Anonymous said...

Who is this "Now" official they want to impeach?

A bunch of contards.