Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Thanks to Kelly Townsend for putting this together -

To all AZ Tea Parties, Conservative organizations/individuals:
From AZ Patriot Kelly:
I just received this from one of our members who has a relative that works at Intel.  We have set the actual staging time to 4pm.  Hopefully more can make it.

President Obama will visit Intel on the afternoon of Wednesday, January 25. As part of his visit he will be speaking at an event outside of the Fab 42 construction site. Employees can register for the opportunity to receive two tickets to watch the President speak. 
Event Details:
  • The President will speak at ~5:00pm on Wednesday
  • Doors open at 12:00pm; all attendees must be present by 3:00pm.
  • You are encouraged to come early to avoid long lines.
  • Standing-room only for the speech; be prepared to stand during the entire event*
  • Expect long lines for parking, passing through metal detectors, etc. We ask for you to please be patient during this process.
How to get tickets:
  • Register for the opportunity to receive TWO tickets for you and a guest
  • All attendees must be 14 years or older
  • You will be notified on Tuesday, Jan 24 via email if you are selected to receive tickets
  • Selected employees must be able pick up their tickets at work on Tuesday
  • No large bags, purses, or laptops allowed
  • No video recorders or large camera equipment; cell phones and digital cameras are allowed
  • Water and bathroom facilities will be available at the event site
  • All attendees must pass through a metal detector
  • Details on transportation and parking will be provided to the employees selected to receive tickets 
 The information is here in these three locations:


Obama is coming to Arizona Wednesday. This has been kept quiet and details are just coming out as to the when and where. We have information that he will be in the south area of the Intel campus, but the times were not give out officially. We've heard 3pm and 4:30pm from two different sources. Therefore, to make sure we don't miss the event, we will set it at 3pm (get there early) and will gather on the NE corner of Chaparral and Dobson (SE corner of the Intel property). Parking is going to be a challenge. The plan is, we will park on the residential streets near the area involved.
You can bring signs with the message of your choice.  No particular theme needed, just let Obama know how you feel.

We are waiting to hear back from the Secret Service as to whether or not they are going to have that area blocked off. If they somehow close that area, we will update with an alternate area.

DIRECTIONS - On the South 202 Loop, take Dobson South until you get to Ocotillo.  Then turn right and head west until it dead ends.  Take a left on Dobson and then turn left on Chaparral and find a parking space.  

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