Monday, January 30, 2012

AFP - Take Action: AZ Needs Truth-in-Spending and Budget Transparency


Dear Arizona Taxpayer,

This coming Tuesday, January 31, the pro-taxpayer Truth-in-Spending reform bill will be considered in the Senate Appropriations Committee.
  Senate Bill 1275, sponsored by Senator Steve Smith (R-Pinal County), would require a special vote if the Legislature wants to increase state spending at a rate that is faster than the rate of growth of state population plus inflation. The bill is also a government transparency measure, and would require the Legislature to give the public two weeks' notice before holding a public hearing to allow for taxpayer input before the vote. 

Truth-in-Spending will serve as a "speed bump" for future Legislators--letting them know when spending growth outpaces the ability of the state economy to pay for that spending. As
this chart shows, if Arizona had stuck to a spending limit based on population plus inflation ("TABOR") since 2003, our deficit problems would not have reached the crisis proportions they reached during the past four years. Truth-in-Spending can help to keep Arizona from getting back on the spending roller coaster that destroyed state finances during the Napolitano years.

Please support fiscal responsibility in Arizona government by sending emails and making phone calls to the members of the
Senate Appropriations Committee.

If you wish to attend the hearing (wear Tea Party and Precinct Committeeman buttons, if you have them!), it is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 31 in Senate Hearing Room 109.

To learn more about AFP-Arizona's 2012 Legislative Agenda, click


CLICK HERE to email the members of the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Whether or not you plan to attend the committee hearings, be sure to send the members short email notes indicating your support for the Truth-in-Spending bill, SB 1275. (Your note can be as simple as “Dear Senator X, Please vote YES on the SB 1275 Truth in Spending bill on Tuesday.  We need budget restraint and budget transparency. Sincerely, Joe & Jane Taxpayer.”) The members’ emails are listed below.  If you call, just leave short messages with members’ secretaries.

Here are the Senate Appropriations members who will hear the Truth-in-Spending bill on Tuesday, January 31 at 2:00 pm:

Sen. Paula Aboud,  (602) 926-5262

Sen. Sylvia Allen,  (602) 926-5219

Sen. Andy Biggs,  (602) 926-4371

Sen. Olivia Cajero-Beford
,  (602) 926-5835

Sen. Rich Crandall,  (602) 926-3020

Sen. Ron Gould,  (602) 926-4138

Sen. Lori Klein,  (602) 926-5284

Sen. Jerry Lewis,  (602) 926-5760

Sen. Linda Lopez,  (602) 926-4089

Sen. David Lujan,  (602) 926-5058

Sen. Al Melvin,  (602) 926-4326

Sen. Rick Murphy,  (602) 926-4444

Sen. Don Shooter,  (602) 926-4139

Please forward this email alert to your friends and family members!

For those who wish to attend the hearing, the House and Senate parking lots are on the southeast corner of 17th Avenue and Adams in downtown Phoenix
(map link).

For Liberty, Tom

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