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Trevor Loudon and Dr. David Noebel to speak in Phoenix, 10/18/11

Fellow Patriots, this news is not just big, it is HUGE!

Trevor Loudon

Dr. David A. Noebel
Brad Zinn,
in co-operation with Deer Valley Church and ONPTPpresents
Trevor Loudon and Dr. David A. Noebel - one evening ONLY!*
First time on stage together anywhere in the world!
October 18th, 2011
6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Deer Valley Church
39th Avenue and Greenway
(SW corner, across from Greenway High School)
Suggested donation at door $5.00
After a year and a half of persuading (and fervent prayers) Trevor Loudon has agreed to come to Arizona to speak on October 18th. His schedule while in the United States is extremely tight, but he has carved out time to spend with us here in Arizona at my request. I am counting on your attendance to make this a successful event! (Neither Trevor Loudon nor Dr. Noebel have ever spoken in Phoenix before now. More on Dr. Noebel in a moment, but...)
First, if you do not know who Trevor Loudon is, you should.
If you like David Horowitz, you will LOVE Trevor Loudon.
If you like Andrew Breitbart, you will LOVE Trevor Loudon.
If you like Glenn Beck, you will LOVE Trevor Loudon.
If you like Jerome Corsi, you will LOVE Trevor Loudon.
If you like Cleon Skousen, you will LOVE Trevor Loudon.
Trevor Loudon is simply one of the most important voices on the world stage today as the internet blogger from New Zealand. Mr. Loudon is available at He began as the New Zeal Blog, but has now switched to his own name. He does the hard research that has helped blow the lid off the Obama Administration and its' ties to global Marxism-Leninism. He has done extensive research on George Soros, as well.
Trevor Loudon's blog broke the story of how Leon Panetta is tied to communists in California and has now been placed in charge of our military. Was he put there to cut the budget and gut the U.S. defenses? That has been the goal of the Soviet / Marxist / Communist Left from the beginning. The "Super Committee" seems poised to offer us two false choices - raise taxes or cut Defense. It is a false choice orchestrated by the Left. Read Trevor Loudon's article here;
And read about Leon Panetta here; (First in a series)
Listen to Cliff Kincaid and Trevor Loudon expose Leon Panetta here;
The Democratic Socialists of America are growing their numbers. The head of the Progressive Caucus is a Representative from our very own beloved State of Arizona, Raul Grijalva. What will it take to defeat them? Knowledge! Here is your chance to hear and learn the inside information from Trevor Loudon in person.
Recently, Glenn Beck claimed that Valerie Jarrett was Obama's KGB "handler." Is there any basis for this claim? Here is an article by Mr. Loudon from some time back. Come hear what Trevor Loudon has to say on this subject while he is in Phoenix.
One of the series of articles that Trevor Loudon has produced, based on his own personal research, is an expose of the Marxists lurking in State Legislatures all across the country. This is where future leaders are incubated (does Barack Obama ring a bell?) and his very first article in this series highlighted Kyrsten Sinema in Arizona;
Here is more on his U.S. schedule;
I know there may be other events or gatherings or meetings which you might attend that night, but let me ask you; When will you have another chance to hear one of the leading researchers, speakers, and writers, on the threat of Socialism, Islamic Jihad, Marxism, and the Obama Administration? (There is a Presidential debate that night from Las Vegas but you can set your video recorder, or go home and watch the inevitable re-run of the debate later that evening!)
Please help me show Trevor Loudon that his decision to spend time in Arizona was not a mistake on his part.
Dr. David A. Noebel of the Summit Ministries in Manitou Springs, Colorado has just retired and re-located to Prescott, Arizona. However, he is still head of the Christian Anti-Communism Crusade, founded by Dr. Fred C. Schwarz in 1953. Dr. Noebel took over the CACC when Dr. Schwarz retired, and has kept the "Schwarz Report Newsletter" going for well over a decade. Dr. Noebel has agreed to join this special evening!
Dr. Noebel is the author of "Understanding the Times" and he recently republished and updated "You Can Still Trust The Communists To Be Communists" by Dr. Fred Schwarz.
Both Trevor Loudon and Dr. David Noebel are prominently featured in the blockbuster documentary "The Agenda." However, these two men have never met. Until now. On October 18th, Trevor Loudon and Dr. Noebel will be together for the very first time, to meet face to face, and discuss the most pressing issues of our day. This will be an historic meeting! Let nothing keep you from being there.
Group leaders, LD leaders, bloggers, friends, please help me make this announcement go viral. Please forward this information to your lists. Please post on your websites, and if your meeting night might conflict, would you consider making this appearance by Trevor Loudon your special meeting, as well? I know Phoenix can show Trevor Loudon the Southwest hospitality that we are famous for! We have 400 comfortable seats waiting to be filled.
I am counting on my fellow Patriots to answer the call! For now, please put Tuesday, October 18th on your calendar. Thank you!
October 18th, 2011
6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Deer Valley Church
39th Avenue and Greenway
(SW corner, across from Greenway High School)
Suggested donation at door $5.00
In Liberty,
Brad Zinn
*Arrangements for Trevor Loudon to speak in another large City in Arizona are being made as this is being sent out. However, he will only have one speaking engagement in Phoenix.
PS. A very special thank you to The Deer Valley Church, and the North Phoenix Tea Party for providing the venue and logistics for this historic event. Special thanks also to my partners, Arizona Mainstream Project, and Riders USA for their assistance. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. And bring a friend!
PPS. In November, the Deer Valley Church & NPTP will be sponsoring my presentation "Diagnosis: Communism," and in January, we will have a screening of "The Agenda." Our hope is to persuade Dr. Noebel to return in January for the screening of "The Agenda" and take questions after. Stay tuned for more information on these upcoming events!

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