Friday, September 23, 2011

Olivia Cortes Speaks Out

Contact: Olivia Cortes
Candidate for Senate LD18
PO Box 1031
Mesa, AZ 85201
Olivia Cortes for Arizona Senate LD18
Press Release
Cortes runs her own grassroots campaign on decency and respect, compassion and understanding gained from her own experience as a Naturalized Citizen.
Mesa, Arizona, September 22, 2011:  I am not a politician by trade, but am running for office as a Naturalized Citizen, an outsider to the regular political process. My friends encouraged me to run and I pay for my own “grassroots” campaign. As a citizen who can exercise my constitutional right to be in the race for the Senator of Arizona District 18, I want to have an opportunity, to bring into this race my points of view and observations as a Permanent Alien and later Naturalized American citizen for forty years. I know the struggle minorities endure; but as a retiree of Freescale Semiconductor who knows business and hard work, it can be done. BUT WE NEED AN EASIER WAY.
I believe in our self-government by the citizens of our own district. I want to offer a diverse view and feeling about all aspects of immigration. I want to help my friends and neighbors where I see the need and I get a good feeling when I see others succeed. I am for the dignity of work, the harmony of the family and compliance with the law. It uplifts us and encourages us to become better people, citizens, and build a better country.
As Mother Theresa often pointed out, ‘Others’ is the reason why we are here to work for our Heavenly Father. In keeping with my LDS faith, I support my Church positions on immigration and political neutrality of the election process; that government’s job is not compassionate care but securing the peace of its citizens; as agents of God who answer to Him; while you, I and all our neighbors provide the compassionate care for those around us. When called for, love must be tough; but I want to make the difference between harshness and extreme leniency.
I am running to take your concerns to our legislature. If you care about Arizona please donate to my campaign in support of Truth, Justice and The American Way at If you live in LD18, please vote for me as the candidate who understands your needs.
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For Release September 23, 2011

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