Sunday, September 11, 2011

Photos from Phoenix City Council candidate Eric Frederick fundraiser

The fundraiser for Eric Frederick went well last night. Eric made it through the runoff election and will face liberal Thelda Williams in the general election this fall. Williams plans for Phoenix? "Expanding financial resources to grow the budget." I am not kidding she really said that. Williams is all about big, liberal government. This is a stark contrast with Eric, who wants to shrink and streamline government. Tired of your high water bill? Tired of the food tax? Then Eric is your candidate. He is running neck and neck with Williams. He received about 35% of the vote in the primary to Williams' 49%, and since the third candidate who received 15% of the vote was conservative like Eric, those votes should go to Eric. Go to to contribute. He needs volunteers on Saturdays. Early ballots go out on Oct. 15, and since most voters will vote early ballot in this election since the choices are so different, it is IMPERATIVE we help Eric NOW.

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