Thursday, September 29, 2011

AZ Teenage Republicans Leadership Development & Recruitment Night

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I want to invite you all to help the AZ Federation of Teenage Republicans (TARS) grow their organization.  It is imperative that we win back our schools from the Left, the Young Democrats, and win over the youth vote to defeat Obama in 2012. 

Here is a quick run down of what I do professionally (very short Bio) and what I am doing for the TARS this year:

        First and foremost, Dusti Martin is a leadership development specialist, consultant, and coach for Student Run Organizations. For over 15 years she has competed in and trained students for a variety of contests and leadership roles.  These have included prepared public speaking contests, rodeo queen pageants, student leadership elections and other leadership roles and contests.  In addition, Dusti has trained entire student body officer teams to prepare them for their leadership roles both as individuals and as a team during their year in office as well as conducted many leadership workshops for groups of 30 or more all over the state of Arizona.  
        In the past 8-9 years, the Young Democrats have widely expanded in our High Schools and it can no longer go unchallenged. Dusti is working with Lois Fitch and the AZ TARS to reorganize, reinvigorate, and reclaim Arizona's schools from the Democrats as part of an effort to defeat Obama in 2012. To do this, we will need all hands on deck and for parents, teachers, and students to work together to help grow the AZ TARS Federation. 

This is the AZ Teenage Republicans' first major event of the year.  It is both for current TARS Members, Advisers, and Parents and for New or Potential students, parents, and teachers.  Also, anyone who is wanting to learn how to set up a TARS group but who may not have a student group yet.  It is to train both the students and the adults so we can take back our schools from the Democratic party, and at the very least give teens options while they are at the point in their lives where most begin to form their political views. 

We are also encouraging LD's and other Republican, Conservative, or TEA Party groups to recruit as many new TARS and TARS Advisers as possible. The group who recruits the highest number will be recognized by the AZ TARS and receive bragging rights amongst their fellow Republicans.  Here is the pertinent info that you can cut and paste so it's easy to read in your meetings.  I have also attached the flyer which you can print out and distribute.  Please pass this on to any and all of the groups you are all associated with and any parent, teacher or student who would be interested in joining the TARS organization.  If you are in the Valley area and would like me to come speak about this important event at your meeting, don't hesitate to contact me.  I will be at tonight's LD 7 meeting if any of you have any questions.

Thank you for everything thus far!
Dusti Martin

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