Monday, September 26, 2011

Governor Brewer: Maricopa County Needs Your Help!

by Dr. Phil Taverna
Governor you stood up to the immigration fiasco. There is a bigger fiasco taking place in Maricopa County. It wasn’t too long ago when you were a supervisor in the same county. You helped the county then, they need your help now!
The county elected a bunch of supervisors and a county attorney who didn’t see eye to eye. It was clear that Mr. Thomas ran on the promise that he would clean up the corruption in the Arizona County. But it didn’t quite work out very well. It seems that the supervisors and some elected judges had different designs. It seems in unison the elected group decided that they were going to shall we say look the other way when it came to the enforcement of certain laws. Or maybe it is worse. They were intentionally not enforcing the laws of the state and county.   
All we are asking for here is for you to look into this problem. And hopefully the good people of Arizona will start calling their elected officials and ask them to look into the problem as well.
Now Mr. Thomas made a fatal mistake. He tried to legally fight the good old boys’ network. And he used the RICO statutes to win his battle. Unfortunately most courts don’t see organized crime in government as a RICO crime. They want to see Joe Bananas running around with wads of cash on video. But is there really any difference?
Maybe we should reword the RICO statutes to include language that is parallel in nature to include situations that encompass plans or intent to form a conspiracy to commit a crime or an illegal act in any entity including governmental boards.
But let’s face it do we really want these issues in the courts. These issues should be handled on election night!
I understand Mr. Thomas’s frustration. In our area the developers just pay off the Palmer Township officials and they are allowed to build large developments with no need to come close to being in compliance with any storm water laws. The developers make millions while the land holders get flooded and the township officials and engineers look the other way and do nothing. And it is obvious that it is not one person but a group of people that have to be placed in strategically planned positions to allow this to happen.
Now the Courts in their opinion need to find an enterprise for RICO to work. But clearly we have a conspiracy by a very large number of professionals and elected officials to break the law so others can make millions at a loss for many innocent home owners who in the end will have no legal recourse!
But let me be a little bit more specific. It appears that the powers to be are now going after Mr. Thomas’s law license. And clearly this appears to be a witch hunt. Any good lawyer will tell you to find malice would almost be impossible without a written statement as such. And for the Arizona Bar to claim malice for lawyers doing their job is clearly not fair and not American.
And to take it a bit further, Mr. Thomas hired Attorneys Rachel Alexander and Lisa Aubuchon and they had nothing to do with the decision to file the actions against the conspirators in Maricopa County. And they are being needlessly dragged through the mud with Mr. Thomas.
They were merely doing their job in good faith as directed by the elected official Mr. Thomas. It is clear that he directed his staff and approved every step of the way of the legal actions sought in Arizona.
At this time neither of these attorneys is in the position held at the time of the legal action. It would serve no purpose to put these good attorneys through the expense and hardship of a hearing to save their professional license. And frankly there is a good chance they will be exonerated of any charges. But as you know it is never fair and American to put good people through this kind of torture.
With your help and influence hopefully the people of Arizona can put this episode behind them and to a rapid close.
It will be up to the people of Arizona to look carefully the next time and be cautious when putting in office the people who will uphold the laws as they are written. And to elect people who will not find themselves doing things that for the most part are not a benefit to Arizona but only a benefit to a select few.
We live at a time when the internet can help influence a great deal of people. With the right influence and encouragement we can begin to build a state anda nation that is founded on the principle to be by the people and for the people. The purpose of this great country was not for a select few to become rich at the expense of the people and the State! Please Governor, we could really use your help!

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