Saturday, September 24, 2011

Statement by Senator Steve Smith: It is Time to Take A Stand

In November, Senate President Russell Pearce will face a recall election financed and placed on the ballot by left wing interests opposed to Senator Pearce’s conservative policies. Policies that many, if not most Republicans in this state support. Yet, in this difficult time where Senator Pearce is fighting for his political life, I am both encouraged and disappointed by the actions of many Republican leaders in our state.
I am encouraged by the unwavering support given to Senator Pearce by Republican leaders such as Governor Jan Brewer, Attorney General Tom Horne, Treasurer Doug Ducey, Sheriff Paul Babeu, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Congressman Trent Franks and former Congressman Matt Salmon.
I am proud of the strong support Senator Pearce has received from Republican legislators all across our state, like Senators Andy Biggs, Frank Antenori and Steve Yarbrough, and Representatives such as Eddie Farnsworth, Cecil Ash and Michelle Ugenti.
Pearce is also supported by both the Maricopa County GOP and the Arizona Republican Party who see this recall as the Democrat scam that it is. And I continue to be inspired at the willingness of conservatives throughout Arizona to lend a helping hand to ensure we keep Senator Pearce right where he belongs.
Unfortunately, I am also disappointed that some Republicans leaders have chosen to remain “neutral” or even oppose a great conservative patriot like Senator Pearce. I’m saddened that some Republican leaders in the East Valley who claim to support the very same conservative ideas shared by Senator Pearce, have now turned tail or put their heads in the sand.
Leaders like former Speaker and congressional candidate Kirk Adams, who so far has refused to publicly support Senator Pearce in this recall election, and have instead chosen to remain on the sidelines.
The decision to oppose or stay neutral in this recall election is, of course, their choice. I support their right to make that choice. But neutrality at moments of great importance is not the stuff of great leadership.
It is only by staying true to our conservative cause and united in the face of a well-funded liberal assault that we can save not only Senator Pearce, but Arizona and our country. I urge Republican leaders like Kirk Adams to recognize what is at stake and join his Party and conservatives all across Arizona in supporting Russell Pearce this November.
State Senator Steve Smith (R-23)

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