Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Is this a new paid consultant website, slamming conservatives and others?

I've been in the social media and blogging business long enough to smell a rat when I see one. A new anonymous political site popped up this year called "Politics Arizona." Most of the posts seem to consist of promoting Jeff Flake and Kirk Adams and bashing conservative Matt Salmon. There is also a keen interest in the Phoenix Mayoral race, the posts appear to be supporting Wes Gullett. I suspect the site is run by a political consultant who is getting paid either as an independent expenditure or directly on those two races - the US Senate race that Flake is in, the CD-6 Congressional race that Salmon is in, and possibly the Mayor's race. The site pretends to look conservative, but what tipped me off were the articles bashing conservative Salmon. Salmon has been endorsed by conservatives like Sheriff Arpaio and Rep. Trent Franks. Nice try consultants! It's unfortunate when a site that purports to be conservative is likely getting paid to bash other conservatives.

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