Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Brad Zinn's impressions of famous great comedians coming to Prescott

Brad Zinn Brings "The Great Comedians" to Tim's Toyota Center

Prescott Valley News
Written by  Lewis LaMaster

It's an evening of laughter and reminiscing, as Brad Zinn re-introduces his audiences to 'The Great Comedians'.
People attending Gospel Night at the Elks Theater last Saturday had a sneak preview of comedian Brad Zinn.
Zinn, who will be performing at Tim's Toyouta Center on August 6, briefly introduced the audience to charactgers Johnny Carson and Red Skelton, filling the theater with laughter.
Zinn's show, 'The Great Comedians' will be a colorful treatment of the black and white era. From George Burns and Groucho Marx to Johnny Carson and Red Skelton, Zinn gives a warm treatment of seven great comedians from the age of talkies, radio and television sets with tubes. Zinn has been sharing these early Hollywood favorites for over five years, recognizing these as the ones that helped lead him to a career of making people laugh.
Any audience that can remember evenings gagthered around a black and white television will be greatly entertained by seeing and hearing impersonations of famous funny men with felt hats and cigars. As for the younger audience members - well, they'll learn why being "born in the age of Vaudeville" makes older generations smile.
Where: Tim's Toyota Center
When: Saturday, August 6
Showtime: 7:30 PM
Reserved Tickets are $20
General Admission $15

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