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Brad Zinn lectures on Communism - August 27th, 2011 Sun City Grand Republican Club

Brad Zinn's lecture on communism is one of the best lectures I have ever heard in my life. He is right up there with Newt Gingrich and the leading top conservative speakers (he really should be on the national speaking circuit, we're lucky to have him here locally practically free).

Join us August 27th, 2011 at Sun City Grand Republican Club, 9:00 am to 11:00 am, at the Hopi Room in the SCG Chaparral Center, 19781 N. Remington Drive, Surprise, Arizona


To those concerned with the direction of our country,
Please pass this invitation along to family, friends, and other Tea Party, GOP, and church members. The response to this seminar has been overwhelmingly positive. Here are a couple of recent endorsements:

Mirel wrote: "Last night I saw Brad Zinn speaking about "Communism, the Deadliest Disease" at Arizona Mainstream Project. It was the best presentation I ever heard! Complex, accurate, logical, very well documented. Brad is amazing, he should talk about communism at Harvard."
Mirel survived Romanian communism and now lives in the U.S.
Brad, Having seen your presentation at the West Valley Tea Party Patriots, I
would like to give my endorsement of your presentation, Diagnosis:
Communism, for any American who hasn't seen it.

Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, many have assumed Communism went the
way of the Dodo.  Not so, as you have made clear to me during a most
thorough and informative session, exploring the hallmarks, philosophy, and
methods of growth used by the Communists and Socialists in their

This is information sorely needed by anyone who seeks to safeguard the
Constitution and fight for the return of genuine liberty in the United
States. The additional materials provided by Mr. Zinn are valuable tools to carry
on the fight, armed with that certain knowledge which is certain power,
the knowledge of the truth.
Michael Bailey, Director of Legislation
Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots

Have you ever been invited to a meeting or event that you felt you needed to go to but tried to find every reason not to go?  In October I was invited to the Rio Verde Foothills Tea Party meeting by leader Ray Wallage. I wanted to go to support my neighboring Tea Party but I had a long day and I was tired so my instinct was to find an excuse and stay home. However, guilt took me to the car and up the hill I went. Afterwards as I left the meeting I thought how happy I was that I had come and listened to Brad Zinn and his message about the history of Communism and how it affects the very core of our society today.  Brad’s presentation was so well done that I was somewhat mesmerized.

I now invite all of you to come and hear this man who has taken a huge amount of time to organize an incredible amount of information to share with all of us.
Sheila Muehling, Greater Scottsdale Tea Party Patriots

Just finished up the best North Valley 912 Project meeting to date. All thanks to Brad Zinn. I HIGHLY recommend Brad Zinn's "DIAGNOSIS: COMMUNISM!" seminar. If your AZ area Tea Party/912 Org hasn't hosted him as of yet -- you not only 'should', you MUST! Arizona Luke, North Valley 912 Project
For those of you who missed the last meeting of the Rio Verde Foothills Tea Party, Brad Zinn is presenting his educational speech on Communism again as below. It is so educational, and so relevant to today's political atmosphere in the US, I cannot emphasize strongly enough how important the information in Brad's speech is. It clearly shows why our fight will not end with this year's election or even the election in 2012, but only when the progressives are removed from both parties. See below for information.

Ray Wallage, Rio Verde Foothills Tea Party
I enthusiastically recommend Brad  Zinn’s “Diagnosis Communism” as primer or refresher for all American citizens, and students of the Constitution.  Brad’s command and delivery of Dr. Schwartz’ material is brilliant, and a direct “hit” as it clearly explains what is going on in this country.  Crystal clarity is just one of the gifts you’ll give yourself by attending this blockbuster event!  Don’t hesitate! Annie Hodgkins, Rio Verde Foothills Tea Party

As a leader of Peoria South Tea Party Patriots, I had the pleasure of seeing Brad Zinn and his presentation on Diagnosis: Communism. I found it very informative and certainly correct with respect to my knowledge of communism.
A close friend of mine, who grew up in the former Soviet Union, attended one of his programs with me, leaned in at one point, and said they definitely do "eat their own." She had found the program very much what she experienced while growing up. I highly recommend this program to everyone. It has many real world applications today as I noted above. You will learn a lot.
John A. Rosado, Peoria South Tea Party Patriots

I highly recommend every U.S. citizen take the opportunity to watch Mr. Brad Zinn’s presentation of “Diagnosis: Communism”!
His insightful and well-researched analysis of Communism serves as a much needed reminder that we are seeing Communism already being implemented within U.S. society and the inherent dangers of this form of government is in direct opposition to the purpose and reasoning for our Founding Father’s vision for the role of government in the U.S.
Generations of children now have grown up and taken for granted the individual freedoms and rights granted to us through our U.S. Constitution. Many of us are guilty of taking these freedoms for granted and have ignored political policies which have put our country on a direct path toward Communism. Mr. Zinn’s presentation serves as an ‘awakening’ for us, our children, and our grandchildren to recognize Communism for what it truly is: erasure of individual freedoms and rights. Our children need to become aware of how socialism and Communism will dramatically and negatively impact their lives. Thank God for Mr. Zinn’s educational message and passion to inform us and remind us that we are truly engaged in a political battle to protect and sustain the checks and balances of governmental power which have made our country the greatest nation on earth.Annette McHugh, Founder, Tea Party Patriots of Glendale, AZ

Brad Zinn is a lifelong student of Dr. Fred C. Schwarz, one of the most influential anti-communist writers and speakers of the 20th Century. Brad began his studies in 1966 and started speaking out in the late 1960's and throughout the 1970's, winning an award for his efforts.
He has now resurrected his educational speeches and brought them up to date with today's technology to produce a fast moving, information packed, well documented and researched educational experience on the subject of the true nature of Marxism. This will be one meeting you will not want to miss, and one you will long remember.
Brad is on the Advisory Board of, as well as Arizona Mainstream, and you can see his journalistic efforts on Western Free He founded and co-chairs Verify The Vote, Arizona Elections Task Force. He is a frequent guest on radio as an expert on communism and vote fraud issues.

Our nation today is faced with a showdown between the forces of Liberty and the forces of Tyranny. Americans across the political spectrum have begun to take notice and take action. Americans instinctively desire freedom and reject totalitarianism. Few, however, have been schooled in the history of Marxism-Leninism. This is to our detriment. To combat the ideas, tactics, objectives and goals of communism, we must make an effort to understand its nature. Only with knowledge can we design effective programs to defeat the false and deadly promises it makes.
Please join us for a crash course seminar on the true nature of Communism. The seminar is based on the works of Dr. Fred C. Schwarz. Dr. Schwarz is sadly little known to the majority of Americans today, but he was a seminal figure in the fight against communism from the 1950s to the 1990s. His research, writings and influence has been felt throughout the 20th Century and now his educational research is needed more than ever.

Schwarz genius was his ability to take complex and confusing ideas and break them down into easily understood concepts. His books have been translated into dozens of languages and millions of copies have been distributed around the world. He was highly regarded by Ronald Reagan, Jack Kemp, William F. Buckley, Jr., and many other leaders in the fight for freedom during his time.

Diagnosis: Communism! is a free 90+ minute educational seminar that is a must see for ALL Liberty-loving Americans.

In the first half you will learn the history of Marxism, the features of Marxism that make it distinctive, and the organization and goals of communism. You will also meet the key players in the formation of its deadly philosophy.

~ Is Communism dead?
~ Why do so many embrace this vision?
~ Why isn't communism a discredited theory?
~ What is the difference between Communism and Socialism?
~ What do they have planned for the United States, and specifically for you and your family? These questions and more will be addressed directly.

In the second half you will hear a DETAILED PLAN for the Tea Parties and other conservative groups to focus on in the near term and the long term to recapture the momentum and protect Liberty for the next generation. These ideas are not being discussed by nearly anyone else on the scene today. The section on vote fraud, and the upcoming Presidential Primary, is grounded in facts with an eye-opening and shocking analysis.

This lecture is being offered free of charge to all interested groups within a short traveling distance of Phoenix.
Study materials will be available after the lecture for a free will offering.

Join us August 27th, 2011 at Sun City Grand Republican Club, 9:00 am to 11:00 am, at the Hopi Room in the SCG Chaparral Center, 19781 N. Remington Drive, Surprise, Arizona

To learn more about Dr. Fred Schwarz, please visit

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