Friday, July 1, 2011

An Urgent Appeal from JD Hayworth: Stop the Obama Amnesty Schemes‏

JD Hayworth Defends Sen. Russell Pearce
Stand With Me And Support The Man Who Put It All On the Line To Defend Our Borders!

Dear Friends,
Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce, one of our nation’s steadfast leaders in the battle to secure America’s borders and defeat Obama’s amnesty schemes, is under attack.
If you are among the key conservative patriots to receive this email from BAN AMNESTY NOW and the Conservative Leadership Coalition, please respond as quickly as you can!  We are counting on you to join us and make sure that my friend – OUR FRIEND – Senator Pearce is not subject to recall by the ultra-liberal, pro-amnesty, open borders “mafia”!

The very same socialist thugs who carry swastikas and call ALL conservatives “Hitler” for wanting America’s borders secure are now uniting behind a dangerous political ploy to RECALL Senator Pearce prior to the 2012 general elections.
It’s a last-ditch, desperate political scam and we MUST join together to protect an important American who never stops working for us or our families.
Senator Russell Pearce is the author/sponsor of SB-1070, the landmark Arizona legislation which seeks to empower local and state law enforcement to make our homes and communities safer by doing the job Barack Obama can’t or won’t.
The liberals and pro-Amnesty establishment were so outraged by this legislation that Barack Obama joined MEXICO in a lawsuit against Arizona to stop SB-1070 from being implemented…
...and now these same pro-Amnesty forces are uniting together to RECALL Senator Pearce himself!
They believe that if they can remove Senator Pearce from office, they can stop him from working to secure America’s borders.  They believe they can stop Senator Pearce from opposing Barack Obama’s dangerous Amnesty schemes.
…And in the end, they believe they can STOP AMERICA from uniting against Amnesty!

My friends, not only did Senator Pearce sponsor SB-1070, but he has also spent countless time working with lawmakers from around the country to jumpstart similar legislation in other states.
And, Senator Pearce has TWICE helped lead our national conservative coalition to successfully DEFEAT the so-called DREAM Act while serving as chairman of BAN AMNESTY NOW.
There are so many reasons why the pro-Amnesty crowd wants to recall Senator Pearce, but the biggest one is this:

Please, join me today and help me STOP the recall effort against Senator Pearce in its tracks!

There is no contribution limit to this effort – so whether you can donate $5, $25, $50, $100, $1000 or more, there is no more important contribution you can make to protect our conservative movement today!  BAN AMNESTY NOW and the Conservative Leadership Coalition are leading the effort to STOP the Pearce recall – and we need your support!
Thank you for all your past support – and thank you in advance for your contribution today to help me STOP the recall of Senator Russell Pearce!  Arizona and America need Senator Pearce fighting for us – and we need your help to fight for Senator Pearce!
Thank you again.

J.D. Hayworth
Member of Congress

To contribute by mail, please send your check (payable to "B.A.N.") to:

Ban Amnesty Now
60 E Rio Salado Parkway, Suite 900
Tempe, AZ 85281

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