Wednesday, July 20, 2011

CAP: New Laws Make Arizona a Better Place for Families

Sixteen Center for Arizona Policy-Supported Bills To Become Law

PHOENIX – Sixteen Center for Arizona Policy (CAP)-supported bills became law today that promote and defend life, marriage and family, and religious liberty.

Some key bills taking effect include:
  • House Bill 2416 – While Arizona’s largest abortion retailer, Planned Parenthood, has challenged portions of this bill in court, several key provisions will be taking effect.
    These provisions will ensure all women will have the opportunity to have and view an ultrasound before an abortion and ban abortion-via-webcam, known as telemedicine abortion. Arizona is the first state in the country to ban telemedicine abortions.
  • Senate Bill 1553 – Establishes “Empowerment Scholarship Accounts” that provide parents of children with special needs the opportunity to direct state funds for the education and educational services that best meet their children’s needs. Again, Arizona leads the nation with this first-of-its-kind school choice program.
  • House Bill 2411 – Strengthens Arizona law to require harsher punishment for predators who engage in child prostitution.
  • Senate Bill 1472 & 1482 – Voters will now have more information about judicial candidates up for retention. The Secretary of State’s website will now include a judge’s biography, specific rulings on constitutional issues, and links to all opinions.
  • House Bill 2565 – Protects freedom of religion and freedom of speech for university students and university student groups.  

“This has been one of the most successful legislative sessions for advancing foundational values in public policy,” said CAP Legal Counsel Deborah Sheasby who drafted much of this legislation. “These new laws will have a resounding positive impact for Arizonans for years to come.”
With these sixteen bills, 101 CAP-supported bills will have been enacted into law since 1995.

Read more about these bills on CAP’s legislative summary:

Watch a short video wrap up of this session:

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Center for Arizona Policy promotes and defends
the foundational values of life,
marriage and family, and religious liberty.

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