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The Defender: Meet the Family

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Trent Horn's Monthly Justice for All Update
August 2009

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Thanks for taking the time to read my monthly newsletter! To learn more about me, Justice for All, and our work to train thousands to make abortion unthinkable for millions, click here.

Lit Candles

· For our new interns who are currently support raising, as well as staff who are raising funds to continue their work with JFA.

· For the work of pregnancy resource centers across the country, including my friends at First Way, Life Choices, Aid to Women, With Child, and CPC's of Greater Phoenix.

· For an end to abortion and any health care program that would force tax payers to fund abortion services.

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Dear Friend of Life,

We're one month away from the beginning of our fall exhibit outreach program and I'm excited to share with you in this issue of The Defender the team that makes it all possible.

Special note: Please pray for my friend Kim Schmidt, the Executive Director of With Child Pregnancy Center. Kim passed away recently in an automobile accident and your prayers for this wonderful pro-life woman who supported my JFA mission as well as for her family would be greatly appreciated at this time.
In This Update
Meet My JFA Family!
That's what I call a gift from God!
Meet My JFA Family!

The JFA Team

During the Spring of 2009, the Justice for All exhibit visited 10 university campuses and a result made abortion the prime campus issue for over 250,000 college students. This work would not be possible without the rest of our staff (who I consider as close as family) pictured above.

From left to right we have: (Rear: Dale Henkel, Me, Paul Kulas, Executive Director David Lee, Bubba Garrett, Matt McKinley, Steve Wagner - Front: Lauren Harrast, Tammy Cook, Maureen Barr, Catherine Wurts, and Jon Wagner)

Lauren Harrast (pictured in front of me) was an amazing asset to our team and recently left us to finish her studies at Moody Bible Institute. However, we will have an additional intern joining us in the fall. To hear her story, click here.

Intern Rebecca Haschke

That's what I call a gift from God!
Picture of Donato This cute little guy pictured left is named "Donato" which is Italian for "God's Gift." His story shows how just one JFA outreach, one JFA training, one brave volunteer, one ten-minute conversation, and one movement of the Holy Spirit can change lives and save lives (like Donato's!)

To read the full story, click here!

Thank you all for your prayers and support of our Justice for All ministry.

If you have friends who live in Kansas City or Albuquerque let me know! In September and October the Justice for All exhibit will be visiting these cities and we would love to invite your friends and family who live there to attend one of our exhibit outreaches. We also have a need for housing and meals for our missionaries so any help from individuals and families who live in these cities would be greatly appreciated.

Also, Save the Date for Saturday, October 17th. I will be in Phoenix speaking at a pro-life dinner event and hosting a Justice for All seminar. More details to come.
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