Friday, August 7, 2009

Aug. 22 Recess Rally healthcare protest

Not only are there massive healthcare protests taking place across the country tomorrow at your local Representative's office, but there will be another one on August 22 spearheaded by the American Liberty Alliance (formerly #dontgo).

Nationwide Recess Rally!

For several weeks now, we've been force fed false statements and downright lies about the healthcare legislation Congress is attempting to put in to law. We've all read the headlines, digested the stories and seen the mainstream media sanctioned infomercials. We know exactly what they're trying to do, but liberal Democrats and their followers continue to push the legislation through.

When we combined efforts for the April 15th Tax Day Tea Party, we had more than 20 free-market minded organizations, over 850 organizers, and tens of thousands of American patriots working together to make a unified statement.

Last week, Erick Erickson at and I discussed the need for another large scale, widely promoted and unified stance against this dangerous healthcare legislation. After talking with Erickson, the folks at Smart Girl Politics and several other free-market groups, we decided that Saturday, August 22nd (during the Congressional August Recess) would be the perfect day for this nationwide event.

Michelle Malkin, one of our biggest allies for the April 15th, Tax Day Tea Party effort, has joined the coalition along with Smart Girl Politics, American Liberty Alliance, American Majority, the Sam Adams Alliance, Americans for Limited Government, Freedom Works, and The coalition is expected to grow in the coming weeks.

Michelle Malkin said “Now is the time for all good tea party activists to get out on the streets and tell Washington to keep its grubby hands off health care. The socialized medicine brigade is on the run. They're hoping that the August recess will take the steam out of the counterinsurgency, but they are wrong. We will not let up. We are going to get out to a Recess Rally near us on August 22nd. It's crunch time.”

It's crunch time indeed.

On August 22nd, at noon local time, every freedom loving American in this great country needs to be at the office of their elected Representative. We'll be hand delivering a petition and coalition letter, along with a strong and unified message carried by hundreds of thousands of Americans.

The Recess Rally is planned for each and every House of Representative's district office in the country. These Government thugs think they can slip socialism into America without is knowing about it. We think it's time to prove them wrong.

Official Recess Rally Website

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For Liberty,

-Eric Odom

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