Monday, August 10, 2009

American Liberty Alliance bus tour coming through Phoenix beginning of September

First official ALA meeting in Illinois a big success!

Fellow Illinoisans,

On Saturday, August the 8th, about 60 Patriots gathered for a three hour lunch meeting in north Chicago. The meeting provided a great opportunity for us to network, get to know one another, understand the background of the American Liberty Alliance, and get a feel for our plans moving forward.

It was encouraging to see so many fellow free-market minded folks ready to unify in a way that hasn’t yet happened here in Illinois. And even more encouraging to see the entire group fully ready for action.

And action is exactly what our next step will be… but first, we must organize.

Our primary goal here in Illinois for the next two months is to organize across the entire state and develop the statewide network into something much more coordinated. The state based Leadership Development Committee will be officially formed this coming week, followed by the launch of a state wide campaign to identify leadership for every community in Illinois.

These community caucuses will begin self-organizing and meeting on a regular basis, with the purpose of becoming locally powered for the free-market movement.

The short term actions are as follows:
1) Begin planning to attend an August 22nd, Recess Rally. (See for details)
2) Invite everyone you know to become a registered member of the American Liberty Alliance
3) Begin organizing a local “community caucus” in your area (information on this will be provided by the Illinois Leadership Development Committee later this coming week)
4) Plan to attend the state wide American Liberty Alliance Convention in late October (details coming soon)
5) Attend a townhall on healthcare in your area and make your voice heard
6) Begin writing letters to the editors of all media across the state regarding your opinion of current anti-American legislation being proposed
7) Stay active and watch for our emails

More action items will follow, but these are the steps you need to take to help us get off to a great start here in Illinois.

Also, many thanks are due to the ALA team who helped with yesterday’s meeting. This includes Ken Marrero, Richard Disney, Amy Hagerstrom, Sarah Desprat, Corrine Williams and David Yardley.

And finally, thanks to all of you who came to the meeting and are now working with us to develop across the state.

For Liberty,

-Eric Odom

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