Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sec. of State Jan Brewer's response to Napolitano's speech

Reaction from Secretary of State Jan Brewer to Gov. Napolitano's DNC speech

It’s always good to see an Arizona Governor talking about our state on the national stage, but she conveniently left out the circumstances of our state’s billion dollar budget deficit. The fact is that Barack Obama’s celebrity status is not going to help Arizonans, or any Americans, at all. We don’t need his higher taxes, more government spending, and his desire to separate us from the rest of the global economy.

We keep hearing from some Democrat leaders at the convention about their support of Obama, but a great many Democrats believe he’s just not ready to lead. Even Joe Biden agrees with that.

Not only has Obama voted against tax cuts and for tax increases nearly 100 times in his short career, he thinks we need more of the same. He’s wrong. There is no better way to kill jobs and move our American businesses oversees that to raise taxes during an economic downturn. It’s a terrible idea, and we’re better than that. John McCain will prove it.

Our Senator McCain has experience, good judgment, and strong character. He has done wonders representing our state in the United States Senate, and will do the same for the American people as President of The United States.

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